Why Invest in ICPF?

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) is committed to working with faculty and expanding its outreach to universities and talented students in order to educate and encourage them to consider the many careers available in the corrugated packaging & displays industry. ICPF's work, in large part, is enabled by financial and other support provided by individual companies that will benefit from ICPF's initiatives. Through industry support, ICPF already has made significant strides. To illustrate a cross section of its initiatives, ICPF has:

  • Placed over $12.5 million in corrugated equipment in colleges and universities to educate students in concepts and skills to better prepare them for a career in the industry. 
  • Jumpstarted, Created or Expanded 21 packaging design programs at U.S. colleges and universities in just the past 12 years.
  • Established formal partnerships with over 25 colleges and universities across North America. 
  • Conducted annual interactive Teleconferences on the business of corrugated packaging & displays and the careers in order to bring the latest developments in the industry to students and faculty on campuses throughout North America.  The Teleconference also is successful in promoting corrugated careers to the over 500 students from the 18 -20 campuses that participate annually.
  • Created a Careers in Corrugated Packaging & Displays Network that currently has over 800 students and upcoming graduates who participate annually to specifically pursue student internships and careers in the corrugated industry.
  • Developed a Career Portal and Resume Bank for firms to post entry level positions for new graduates and student internships.  The portal also allows potential student interns and upcoming graduates to post resumes in its resume bank that can be searched by corrugated partner companies. Over 90% of the openings posted on the portal have been successfully filled utilizing the portal in conjunction with ICPF's Resume Bank and LinkedIn corrugated career network.
  • Developed and Placed Corrugated Curricula to support real-world corrugated instruction in colleges and universities. ICPF's corrugated curricula is accessible to students and faculty directly from ICPF's website.
  • Conducted Annual Student Corrugated Packaging Design Presentation Competitions that expose students to the corrugated packaging industry. In the annual Best of the Best student run-off competition held during the annual  Interactive Teleconference student teams are challenged to "show, tell and sell" their entry to their student peers. Students are awarded cash prizes and many participating in ICPF's Best of the Best competition subsequently have been offered careers in the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Produced a Powerful Recruiting Tools that explains the corrugated packaging industry and its careers to students and those outside the industry. Students can access these informational career videos directly from ICPF's web site.

Your support:

  • Helps ICPF maintain its work to maintain and expand corrugated curricula at colleges and universities, and expand its outreach to students.
  • Helps ICPF maintain and expand its initiatives, like its annual careers in corrugated interactive teleconferences, student design competitions, student dialogue dinners, career portal and corrugated career LinkedIn Network. 
  • Helps ICPF develop new recruiting products to reach students from multiple educational backgrounds to promote the diverse careers in the corrugated industry.
  • Helps ICPF maintain its work to match students and upcoming graduates to student internship and full time openings in the corrugated packaging & displays industry.
If you are struggling to find talented people, you have a greater stake in ICPF's success than you may realize. Your company's financial support will further enable ICPF's work to directly assist you in securing student interns and new graduates to meet your succession planning. 

We welcome and need your support.

For information on how to become an  ICPF Corporate Partner, contact ICPF at rflaherty@icpfbox.org or call 703.549.8580.