Fibre Box Handbook

"The Fibre Box Handbook's 22nd edition is a resource for those who use corrugated or work in the corrugated industry.  Inside you'll find a wealth of information about corrugated's history, its diverse applications, a range of common box styles, rules and guidelines governing its effective use, testing procedures ensuring optimal performance, and even corrugated's stellar role in the environment.  The more you know about corrugated, the more you'll understand its dominance in the world of packaging."  
This valuable resource is a reference standard for the corrugated industry  The most recent edition contains over 40 pages of new material including: 
•    A colorful fold-out diagram of the entire corrugated recycling process
•    Item 222
•    A metric conversion chart
•    Industry recommended practices and voluntary standards
•    FAQ for technical issues

Also, included with each of the FBA Handbooks is a CD-ROM version of the entire text.  Click here to view the Table of Contents. 

If you are a STUDENT OR FACULTY MEMBER (with proof of student or faculty status), and would like to inquire about ordering single or multiple copies of the latest FBA Handbook at the colllege or university discounted price, or for the publications below, please e-mail or call 703.549.8580.

For anyone else who would like to order the Fibre Box Handbook, please visit the Fibre Box Association website:

•  Corrugated Packaging Life-cycle Assessment Summary Report
A summary report of the first ever U.S. corrugated-industry life-cycle assessment (LCA) completed by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) to evaluate the environmental impact of corrugated packaging products. The summary report is a 20 page document that includes graphs and diagrams detailing the study findings.

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•  How to Get the Best Box Brochure (packets of 50)
How to Get the Best Box provides information on what to tell your corrugated manufacturer to get a package ideally suited to your product. It includes information on what your boxmaker needs to know as well as material to help understand the measures and material performance of a package. It also includes a tear-off Need-to-Know checklist.

50 for $25.00, plus shipping and handling

•  Understanding Box Performance - 3rd Edition
Formerly called Understanding the Performance Requirements of Your Customer's Packaging, "Understanding Box Performance" is a 12-page booklet containing terms, explanations and solutions for better engineering a customer's package.

(1 - 49) $10.00 each, (50 - 99) each, $8.00 (100+) $7.00 each, plus shipping and handling

•  ECT Application and Reference Guide
As published in the TAPPI Journal

$6.00 each, plus shipping and handling