ICPF's 2010 Careers In Corrugated International Teleconference Breaks Another Attendance Record
The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation's 11th annual Careers in Corrugated International Teleconference, conducted February 24, 2010, surpassed the all time record of participation with 18 colleges and universities, including 20 departments or programs and an estimated 400 packaging and graphic design students. Broadcasted live from Michigan State, each of the four past annual Teleconferences has broken the previous college and university participation record.

The purpose of the annual International Corrugated Packaging Foundation Teleconference is to raise student and faculty awareness and knowledge of the corrugated packaging & display industry, and its career opportunities for future packaging and graphic design graduates. Participating campuses included Appalachian State University, Bowling Green State University, Cal Poly State University (graphic communication and packaging programs), Clemson University (graphic communication and packaging programs), Dunwoody College of Technology, Illinois State University, Lewis - Clark State College, Michigan State University, Millersville University, Mohawk College, North Carolina A & T State University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Thaddeus Stevens College, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin-Stout, VA Tech, and Western Michigan University.

This year's program included a panel of five industry executives. Mike Snowball, Vice President of Paper & Packaging at Liberty Diversified International, provided an overview of the operations and career paths within an independent firm. Alan Clark, Marketing Director for Industrial Packaging at International Paper, updated the audience on the industry's sustainability advancements in the areas of managing material resources, reducing the environmental footprint, and the building of strategic partnerships. Richard Branson, Director of Sales for the Image Pac Division of Smurfit-Stone, presented information on the operations and career paths within an integrated corrugated packaging and display corporation. And, Carla Hill, Senior Design Specialist for Smurfit-Stone Image Pac, outlined the qualifications integrated and independent firms are seeking when interviewing and hiring packaging, graphic design and business graduates.

The industry panel, moderated for the 10th year by Brett Kirkpatrick, Vice President Operations at Bay Cities Container, was followed by a live interactive question and answer period for the some 400 students participating from each of the 18 local campus auditoriums and broadcast studios.

The interactive Teleconference concluded with ICPF's live 2010 Best of the Best student design presentation competition. The competition consisted of three teams that were charged with "showing, telling and selling" their top winning entries from AICC's earlier 2009 student design competition. ICPF's 2010 Best of the Best competition first place award went to the Mohawk College team of Pamela Spiewak, Hazel Connaghan, Neil Beaton and Mike Turnbull for their presentation of their "DNA Computers" laptop box design. Second place went to Seth Tucker & T. J. Remaley representing Millersville University with their winning laptop box design. And third pace went to the Cal Poly Team of Emily Christensen, Andrew Callahan, David Fullerton, and Sean Lawyer for their presentation of their open design "Beirut Starter Kit". All teams won cash prizes. And top winner, Mohawk College, also won a $2,500 grant for the college's corrugated curriculum. For the first time in the ICPF competition history, the three teams were charged with submitting an advance filmed presentation that will be used in classrooms after the Teleconference and assist in ICPF's careers in corrugated promotions on the social networks. 

Mohawk College
Student Team Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cQsI5x-la8   

Millersville University
Student Team Video    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOF74VHkNEg

Cal Poly
Student Team Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUs_bu4tC_8  

Cal Poly
Student Resume Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_0d2VvnawM

Additional Comments On ICPF's 2010 Careers In Corrugated International Teleconference:

“Thank you for all of the effort you put into making The Best of the Best competition happen. We had such a good time participating. Our win has created a buzz about the packaging program on campus. It really was a great experience for us all personally, and will serve to get even more people around Mohawk College saying corrugated instead of "cardboard". I have been to many industry events during my time as a packaging student. I can say that no other packaging industry sector has come close to corrugated in terms of support for packaging students and schools OR in passion and enthusiasm for their profession. Every time I have attended an AICC or ICPF event, or gone on a tour of a corrugated manufacturer, I've walked away with an excited feeling. I viewed "cardboard" as a boring material when I began school. Through my classes and experiences with associations like yours, I now see corrugated as one of the most vital, versatile, and sustainable packaging mediums in existence. You ARE getting the word out there! Thank you again for providing such a great experience for packaging students everywhere.” - Neil Beaton, Mohawk College student team member

“I heard many great comments Wednesday as I did an informal exit interview from the teleconference. Well received, informative, eye-opening. Great job by all, as usual!”
- Professor Dennis Young, MSU School of Packaging

“Your annual student teleconference is very valuable and truly unique in the packaging industry. As far as I know, there is nothing else like it. Also, I just sent a request for access to the curricula. I want to show my class some things from it when I talk about the teleconference. I remember seeing the curricula for the first time… and being amazed at the quality and the thoroughness of it. Since then, I've had lots of intentions and plans to make use of it in class. Being in the teleconference rekindled and refocused those intentions and plans. And this time, I'm resolved to spend the necessary time to ramp up my corrugated curriculum. So that was another benefit of the teleconference, which will be important for the students, and for your major and hugely important segment of packaging science. So thanks, and I'll be keeping in touch with you.” - Professor Bob Moore, Packaging Science, Clemson University

“Congratulations to you for organizing another successful event.” - Asst. Professor Liam O'Hara, Department of Graphic Communications, Clemson University

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the teleconference yesterday. Our first ‘official' packaging class really got a kick out of it and enjoyed participating. .. I have seen the group get noticeably excited about what they are doing. We are also very happy for TJ and Seth. I feel they did a commendable job and earning second place was very respectable considering that we were brand new to this. Seth has a prospect for a new job with PCA…We are getting better all the time at the development of package prototypes. As we refine this ability, my goal is to continue building the program along with ICPF and our industry partners.” – Professor Mark Snyder, Dept. of Industry & Technology, Millersville University

“Thank you and ICPF for inviting ISU to participate in the conference….and for your and ICPF's efforts in supporting our academic programs. You should know that your industry association has done more in terms of a proactive involvement and support than any other major professional organization that I can think of. Looking forward to next year's conference.” - Professor Dan Wilson, Graphic Communications, Department of Technology, Illinois State University

“We at Dunwoody really enjoyed yesterday's conference and I've got a bunch of students totally jazzed about a career choice that they didn't even know existed until yesterday. Did the student team presentations get recorded? Or can I get contact info to professors at those schools to talk to them? Also, I wonder if I can get Carla's contact info. She went over real well with my young women students.” – Principal Instructor Pete Rivard, Graphics & Printing Technologies, Dunwoody College of Technology

"This truly was the best teleconference Penn College has had the opportunity to be a part of. I had 22 students in attendance. The speakers were enthusiastic and the topics were at a level and of interest to students. I thought my group paid close attention to what was being said and were surprised to learn of the size and the many opportunities that exist within the corrugated sector. It was nice to see a female on the panel as well. Very well done – keep up the great effort!" - Professor Jim Lentz, Graphic Communications, Pennsylvania College of Technology

“Wanted to let you know I had a chance to catch part of the teleconference yesterday with Jay Singh [packaging science director]. I enjoyed it very much…. I look forward to getting more involved in what you guys are doing. – Professor Malcolm Keif, Graphic Communication Department, Cal Poly State University

“I just wanted to thank you for everything for the Best of the Best competition. It was so exciting for everyone in our group as well as the packaging program at Mohawk College.” - Pamela Spiewak, Mohawk College student team member

“Thank you for a great presentation today. My colleague, Diane Driskill, and division chair, Lynn Mathers were in attendance, and we are ready to move forward on purchasing the corrugated equipment and software for our school. The best news: our students can't wait to get their hands on some corrugated!” – Professor Brian Kolstad, Graphic Design & Printing Technology, Lewis-Clark State College

“Thank you for this opportunity. We had a great time with this competition and learned so much from the experience. As students we are lucky to have organizations such as ICPF…” - Hazel Connaghan, Mohawk College student team member

“Thanks Richard for everything. The students are going crazy.” - Professor Shaun McNaughton, Mohawk College

“We at Appalachian State University's GAIT program would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Annual ICPF Careers in Corrugated Teleconference. The speakers were extremely informative.” - Michelle Surerus, Instructor, Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology, Appalachian State University.

“I would really like to say that I appreciate this opportunity and our team is so grateful for the chance to present our ideas. I know this will be a great help on our resumes.”
- Emilie Christensen, Cal Poly student team member

“Richard the conference was great. We are hoping we can participate next year in the contest. Thank you for including us” – Dr. Cynthia Thompson, Printing and Publishing Program, North Carolina A&T State University

“Our students really had their eyes opened. I especially liked the comments that attitude is so important in getting jobs…. Hopefully these comments will help some good inner reflection.” – Professor Ralph Rupert, Director- Center for Unit Load Design, Virginia Tech