Become a Partner

International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) corporate partners are committed to attracting talent into the corrugated packaging & display industry. They are independent corrugated manufacturers, integrated manufacturers and suppliers to the industry. ICPF Corporate Partners make predetermined pledges to support ICPF's mission.

Pledge levels to become a partner are based upon size of company, with similar sized companies requested to make similar size pledges.  (Please see list of corporate pledges from link below.)  Pledges for a corrugated manufacturer (a CorrAlliance pledge) begin at $50,000 (for one location) and a base rate of $100,000 for multiple locations. Pledge levels for supplier companies (a PaceSetter pledge) begin at $100,000. The pledge can be paid over time ranging from one year to 10 years, with the average being 5-7 years. ICPF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and pledge donations to ICPF are tax deductible in the U.S. to the full extent of the law.

If you decide to make a pledge this year in order to review the resume bank or to post a position on the career portal, you can postpone the initial pledge installment to 2018 if preferred.  Upon your corporate commitment by letter (please contact ICPF for sample), ICPF would prepare a release for the trade press announcing your firm as a new ICPF Partner, and the pledge to which you have committed.

Pledges from ICPF's Corporate Partners support ICPF's mission to generate a stream of increasingly qualified students to enter the corrugated packaging and display industry, now and into the future.  ICPF creates and builds partnerships within the higher education community, assists in the placement of corrugated equipment and other resources to advance corrugated curriculum at colleges and universities, works to expand the placement of student interns within the industry, and promotes corrugated packaging & display career and entry level job opportunities for packaging, graphic design, business, sales & marketing, finance & accounting, engineering, environmental science, supply chain, and related graduates. More information on ICPF initiatives can be found in the attached annual report and on ICPF's website listed below.

In addition to supporting ICPF initiatives and the future of the corrugated industry, following are other special benefits to becoming an ICPF Partner.

  • Your company recognized in the international corrugated packaging trade press for the pledge/donation through use of a mutually developed press release. A mutually agreed upon press announcement of the new partnership (to go in the trade press and in your local communities) would be released either immediately or in the month you believe is most useful to your firm.  The partnership also will be announced in the AICC - The Independent Packaging Association and Fibre Box Association monthly publications and at their upcoming annual meetings.

  • Membership on the ICPF's Advisory Council to work with top executives in the integrated and independent sectors to address workforce issues and recommend programs and initiatives to support the industry's future through ICPF.

  • Access to posting internships and entry level positions on ICPF's website's career portal that is a component of ICPF's active student internship and new graduate corrugated packaging & displays careers network.

  • Access to ICPF’s website's career portal to search its student intern and new graduate resume bank.

  • Access to ICPF's corrugated curricula that is available to faculty and students, as well as to corporate partners for use with training new employees, sales personnel, etc.

  • Recognition at major national and international industry events, including the AICC and FBA national meetings, SuperCorrExpo and other trade shows.

  • Recognition in ICPF publications and events targeted to the industry and to packaging, graphic communication, business and other students and faculty.

  • Recognition on the ICPF website.

  • Recognition in ICPF annual reports.

  • A listing on ICPF’s website with a complimentary logo or banner ad and link to the partner's own corporate website.

  • Recognition during ICPF’s annual careers in Corrugated Teleconference briefing to packaging, graphic communication, sales and marketing business, and related students and faculty.

  • Recognition in ICPF’s DVD's annual Careers in Corrugated Teleconference program distributed to schools nationwide and to industry executives.

  • Recognition during ICPF's segment at both the AICC and FBA general meetings.

Click here to see a list of ICPF corporate partners and their pledge levels.

For more information on becoming an ICPF corporate partner, contact ICPF at or call 703.549.8580.